Can Your CPU Handle the Latest Premiere Pro Release?

With the release of Premiere Pro CC 2019 and Media Encoder CC 2019, Adobe is requiring at least a 6th-generation Intel processor (codenamed Skylake) in order to run these applications.  

The 6th generation of Intel processors was released in 2015, so while newer systems are likely to support the new Adobe apps, older workstations may be out of luck. So how do you tell if your system has what it takes?

For Intel processors, the generation value is determined by the first number after the i7, i5, or i3:

For example:

  • Intel Core Processor i7-85600U (8th generation)

  • Intel Core Processor i7-7500U (7th generation)

  • Intel Core Processor i7-4770K (4th generation)

If your processor is something like ‘Intel Core Processor i#-6####’ or higher, you’re good to go with the newest release of Premiere Pro and Media Encoder!


Finding your CPU generation is straightforward on Windows PCs. In the System Information tool, you’ll find the make and model of your processor with the relevant generation info as displayed above.  


On the other hand, Apple’s System Report only provides processor type (i5, i7, etc), and not generation information. To find this info, the website has an easy-to-use lookup feature to find exact system specs for any Mac machine. Provide either your system type and manufacture date OR your system’s serial number, and EveryMac will return the necessary information.

If you have any questions about Adobe’s newest Creative Cloud release and how you can deploy it at your facility, contact Nodal!  For more information on determining information on your Intel processor, check out Intel’s discussion on the subject.Toolfarm also has additional information on recent Intel generations and upcoming announcements.