Maxon Announces New Tools and Features in Cinema 4D R20

Software developer Maxon has announced the new features for its latest R20 release of Cinema 4D, due for release in September 2018. R20’s toolkit opens up entirely new ways of working within Cinema 4D, giving users greater flexibility when creating 3D work.

Some of the highlights include:

Node-Based Materials

R20 includes an entirely new Node Editor, allowing users to create complex node-based material setups. These node trees can then be packaged as custom materials for later use by other artists. Maxon has created a basic material library for modification and reference.

MoGraph Fields

New Field Effects are descendants of Cinema 4D’s Falloff system, and combining these new MoGraph fields allows artists to create ever more advanced effects.


Updates to the Viewport will improve performance while working in scenes with millions of object clones.

Volume Modeling

A brand-new volumetric workflow will allow users to build complex organic models easily using simple primitives and allow for morphing between volume shapes.

CAD Data

Cinema 4D will now support most CAD file formats without requiring conversion, making it easy to incorporate these assets into 3D scenes.

ProRender Improvements

Maxon has made improvements to Cinema 4D’s ProRender tools, incorporating native GPU rendering and adding features such as subsurface-scatter, multipass, and motion blur.

Motion Tracking

Cinema 4D’s Motion Tracking workflow has seen some improvements, based on user feedback.

Alembics and Caching

R20 makes it easier to cache Alembic animation, allowing for simpler exporting of scenes to other programs.

This list only touches on the basics of Maxon’s extensive new tools for Cinema 4D users. For more information on the new features, check out Toolfarm’s R20 announcement. Cineversity has a number of useful video tutorials on the new tools. Finally, the Maxon site has the complete feature notes for your review.

If you have any questions about implementing Cinema 4D at your facility, including installation, licensing, rendering, and more, feel free to contact Nodal!