GSuite Team Drives Introduces New User Role

Google GSuite recently announced that user roles in Team Drives are being reorganized and renamed. This includes the addition of a new Content Manager role. This will affect how GSuite clients can access and manage their Team Drive data, so it’s crucial to become familiar with the new role structure and naming scheme.

Primary changes include:

  • A new role, Content Manager, is being added. Content Managers can edit, reorganize, and delete content but cannot edit membership to Team Drives.

  • New members will be added as Content Managers by default, rather than Full Access.

  • The names of roles are being updated.

With the new changes due to come in October 2018, Team Drive roles will be:

  • Manager (previously “Full Access”)

  • Content Manager (new role, the default for new members)

  • Contributor (previously “Edit Access”)

  • Commenter (previously “Comment Access”)

  • Viewer (previously “View Access”)

There is no action required on behalf of GSuite users - the roles will be modified automatically. However, Google is offering a one-time migration of all users currently on with the Edit Access/Contributor role to become Content Managers. This would give these users additional privileges to reorganize and delete files, and is recommended for current Contributor users in facilities using Drive File Stream. Any users left as Contributors will have to access Drive File Stream files on the web in order to edit them.

To request a migration of all Contributor users to the Content Manager role, respond to Google’s support form by Wednesday, September 26, 2018, or contact Nodal to assist in the migration. If Contributor users are not migrated to Content Managers, they will retain their current level of access after the changes go into effect.

Older versions of the Drive mobile apps will not support the new Content Manager role. Be sure to update your apps to the latest versions in order to make use of the changes.

If you have any questions on implementing Team Drives at your facility, or concerns about the recent changes, reach out to Nodal!