New DXi Backup Appliances by Quantum Announced

Quantum announced the release of its new DXi9000 and DXi4800 backup storage solutions, offering more storage and faster backups and restores in a smaller form factor.

Density is the main focus: the DXi9000 is touted as the first appliance of its type to utilize 12TB hard drives, increasing storage capacity per spindle while reducing power and cooling requirements. The 4U/60 drive chassis option for the DXi9000, along with the 12TB drive capability, creates one of the densest backup solutions available, freeing up rack space for other essential systems.

Recognizing that not all facilities have a dedicated datacenter, Quantum has also introduced the DXi4800 solution for smaller businesses or customers that require remote site protection. Backup speed and density remain key features: the DXi4800 utilizes SSDs to speed up ingest, replication, and restores, and the system is the first in its weight class to utilize 8TB hard drives for higher storage capacity.

The key to maximizing storage efficiency is Quantum’s deduplication technology. In short, data deduplication avoids storing redundant information by identifying multiple instances of the same data. For example, multiple users may all save the same file to their individual PCs, or one file has received minor revisions but is largely the same from one version to the next.

Instead of storing every file or version in full (thus taking up valuable disk space), deduplication stores only the unique data blocks and uses space-efficient pointers whenever a duplicate is found. The comparison happens across both files and systems, meaning that your facility’s backup data is as compact and efficient as possible. This results in fewer drives requiring less space, less power draw, and lower costs.

For Quantum’s announcement of the new backup devices, check out their company blog. More information on the DXi backup appliance line can be found on the Quantum product page or on the video embedded below. If you have questions on whether these new products are the right backup solution for your facility, feel free to contact Nodal!