Backblaze Announces Computer Backup Rate Increase

Nodal partner Backblaze has announced an increase to the monthly rate for their Computer Backup service. This is the first change in pricing since 2008. Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman cited continuing enhancements to the service and the increasing costs of storage as the reasons behind the change.

The monthly plan for Computer Backup will increase to $6 per system per month, effective after March 11, 2019 for purchases and renewals. The yearly plan will be available for $60 per system, and the 2-year plan for $110 per system. The price increase does not affect Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage solution, which remains at $5 per terabyte per month.

As a thank-you to existing Backblaze customers, current Computer Backup subscriptions can be extended by one year at the current price ($50 per system). Refer to the Backblaze Extension FAQ for more information.

To see the official announcement on the price increases, check out the Backblaze blog. If you have any questions about backing up your data or deploying Backblaze at your facility, feel free to reach out to Nodal!