45Drives Introduces the Stornado Storage Solution

Nodal partner 45Drives has introduced the latest entry in their line of network storage solutions: the Stornado. Touted as “The Most Affordable and Dense All Flash Storage Server,” the Stornado features 32 bays for solid-state devices and supports up to 250TB of flash storage. Storage is scalable by clustering multiple devices, and the Stornado’s reliance on SSDs provides lightning-fast data access and transfer speeds.

Apart from the 32 storage bays, baseline features of the Stornado Enhanced chassis include an Intel Xeon E52620 v4 processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, a 10GbE copper network port, and a CentOS installation. The Stornado Turbo adds a second Xeon CPU and ups the RAM count to 32GB. Optional features such as redundant power, a different OS installation (such as Windows 10, Windows Server, Ubuntu, or FreeNAS), additional RAM, a 10GbE fiber NIC, and more are available at additional cost.

45Drives’ newest solution delivers flexible enterprise-class performance in an affordable, simple, and centralized storage location. The Stornado Enhanced is available starting at $8152, whereas the Stornado Turbo starts at $9290.

For more information on the Stornado storage solution, check out the product page found here. If you have questions on deploying a central server solution at your facility, or whether the Stornado would be the right fit for you, contact Nodal!