Autodesk Introduces Flame 2020

Autodesk unveiled the latest version of its Flame compositing, effects, and color-grading software suite, due to ship on April 16, 2019. Flame 2020 introduces new features such as AI-driven map generation, tools to isolate and modify common objects in footage, and expanded Cryptomatte and OFX plugin support.

New AI-Driven Creative Tools

The most exciting new features in the upcoming Flame release revolve around Autodesk’s commitment to AI and machine learning. Highlights include:

  • Z-Depth Map Generator: Utilizes machine learning to quickly analyze a shot and extract depth information from live-action scenes. Allows users in color grading and look development apply effects based on distance from the camera.

  • Human Face Normal Map Generation: Employs algorithms to find common recognizable features in the human face, allowing for simpler color adjustment, retouching, and relighting.

  • Refraction: 3D objects can now refract and distort background objects based on material attributes.

Productivity Improvements

Flame 2020 also boasts some under-the-hood improvements to overall performance and adds additional plugin support across the Flame software family:

  • Simplified UX: Flame 2020 introduces an expanded full-width UX layout for MasterGrade, Image surface, and Map User interfaces.

  • ‘Manager’ for Action, Image, Gmask: Manager is a simplified list schematic view, making it easier to organize and manage layers and objects in the 3D environment.

  • Open FX Support: Flame, Flare, and Flame Assist 2020 now support industry standard OFX plugins.

  • Cryptomatte Support: Available in Flame and Flare 2020, offering new ways to pack alpha channels for every object in a 3D rendered scene.

  • Automatic Background Reactor: For Linux users only, this mode is triggered after a shot is modified, keeping projects moving by utilizing the GPU and system capacity to the fullest.

Flame, Flame Assist, Flare, and Lustre 2020 will be available at no additional cost for customers with current Flame Family 2019 subscriptions.

For more information on Flame 2020’s features and pricing, check out Autodesk’s product page. Check out Animation World Network’s article on the new release for a more in-depth look at new features and community reaction.

If you have questions about deploying Autodesk products - including Flame - at your facility, reach out to Nodal!