Arnold 5.3 With Arnold GPU (Beta) Now Available

Autodesk has announced that Arnold Render 5.3 is now available for download. This release will include the beta version of Arnold GPU and will give users the flexibility to switch between CPU and GPU rendering without having to change renderers.

Arnold 5.3 adds new functionality and features such as:

  • Improvements to adaptive sampling performance and quality

  • A new and improved version of Randomwalk SSS

  • Additional control for Arnold Standard Surface

  • Improvements to Operator UX, including a new “Include” operator

  • Better sampling on Skydome lights, resulting in less noise on direct illumination

  • Updated support for MaterialX

Perhaps the most exciting feature is Arnold’s first foray into GPU, the acceleration of which adds speed and interactivity from look development to lighting.  According to Chris Vienneau, Autodesk’s senior director for Media & Entertainment Products, “[Arnold GPU] gives our users a first taste of the performance gains they can expect to see, while keeping the great look they love from Arnold.”  Vienneau also stressed that Autodesk had worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure that Arnold GPU is optimized for NVIDIA’s RTX ray-trace technology for even better performance.

Arnold is available as either a standalone subscription, or packaged with other creative tools from Autodesk. A free 30-day trial of Arnold is also available to test Arnold GPU. Arnold GPU will be available in all supported Arnold plug-ins: Maya, 3DS Mask, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Katana.

Arnold 5.3 is available for download here.  For the official announcement of the new version and Arnold GPU, check out the press release.

If you have any questions about Arnold, GPU rendering, or deploying render services at your facility, feel free to reach out to Nodal!