Maxon Acquires Redshift Rendering Technologies

Maxon, developer of Cinema 4D, has announced the acquisition of Redshift Rendering Technologies (RRT).

RRT’s flagship Redshift software was one of the first in a growing list of GPU-accelerated rendering solutions, and brings a powerful new tool into the Maxon product line.

In their official announcement, Maxon assures customers that despite the acquisition, Redshift’s current licensing, compatibility options, and production schedule remain unchanged. Additional  highlights from the announcement include:

  • Redshift pricing will remain unchanged and customers can continue purchasing the software through their usual channels.

  • Existing Redshift licenses remain valid and will continue to be supported as normal.

  • Redshift will remain available for non-Maxon products including Maya, 3DS Max, Houdini, and Katana with additional integrations to be considered in the future.

  • The announced development of a Blender plugin will continue as planned.

  • Development for Redshift 3.0 will not be affected.

  • Cinema 4D will continue to support other third-party render engines through its plugin architecture.

Maxon touts the ease of use of both its Cinema 4D platform and the Redshift renderer, claiming that this move will “provide an unprecedented accessibility and efficiency to 3D production for large and small production companies.” It should be noted that Maxon is maintaining Redshift as a separate, distinct product; customers with an existing Cinema 4D license will not receive a Redshift license for free.

For Maxon’s official announcement, check out their press release. If you have questions about Cinema 4D, Redshift, and how to deploy them at your studio, feel free to contact Nodal!