Boris FX Sapphire Plug-Ins Add OFX Support for Flame

As we reported on Flame 2020, Autodesk has added Open FX (OFX) support to their headline finishing, color correction, and compositing tool. Boris FX has taken advantage of this feature, introducing Sapphire 2019 as an OFX plugin for Flame.

According to Brian Fox, Boris FX’ Director of Product Marketing, the inclusion of OFX support in Flame 2020 will allow artists to take advantage of the Effect and Transition Builder within Sapphire to create custom effects, and that teams will be able to share presets between all Sapphire-supported hosts to streamline inter-departmental workflows. Will Harris, Autodesk’s Flame Product Manager, added that Sapphire has been the most requested Sparks for Flame.

Sapphire 2019 for Adobe/OFX is available for $1695.

Boris FX’s official announcement on the subject can be found here. If you have questions about Flame and Sapphire or how best to deploy these tools at your facility, reach out to Nodal!