X-Particles 2019 Now Available

INSYDIUM has announced the public release of the X-Particles 2019 plugin for Cinema 4D. The new release of this particle engine contains several new features:

  • xpDynamics - This tag works with Fluids, Smoke, Fire, and Constraints. Dynamic objects can be controlled using existing X-Particles emitters and modifiers.

  • xpShatter - This new tool allows for any Scene Object to be broken apart. It integrates with the xpDynamics feature and allows users to control shattering via Objects, Splines, Particles, and Point Generators.

  • xpSplash - Realistic crown splash effects in fluid simulations are now even easier with this new feature.

  • xpSheeter - This new modifier allows for the generation of thin film particles.

  • xpQuickTools - A tool provides a one-click solution for setting up commonly-used scenes and settings, allowing users to speed up their workflows.

For a full list of changes, including fixes and updates to existing features, check out this comprehensive breakdown by Toolfarm.

X-Particles 2019 is available to customers with active Annual Maintenance contracts at no additional cost.

For more information, including video introductions of the new features, check out Toolfarm’s X-Particles announcement here. If you have questions about software plugins and their deployment at your facility, reach out to Nodal!