Latest MacOS Version Will Ax 200+ Apps

Apple raised quite a few eyebrows when they announced that the latest version of their operating system, Mac OS 10.15, would be killing off iTunes. What got less attention was that the same upgrade would be ending support for 32-bit apps - meaning at least 235 apps that run on systems running OS 10.14 and below will no longer work.

Affected apps include:

  • Transmit 4.1.7

  • 1Password 2.12.2

  • iStats Menu 2.9

  • Box Sync 4.0

  • QuickBooks 2015

  • SugarSync 1.0

  • Default Folder X 4.3.10

  • VMWare Fusion 3.1.4

  • Creative Cloud

  • Parallels 2.5

While 32-bit software runs inefficiently on Apple’s 64-bit hardware, many applications haven’t yet upgraded to 64-bit versions, and many users have opted to not upgrade their existing versions to their 64-bit equivalents. To that end, users should be careful to evaluate their existing software before deciding to upgrade.

To see what 32-bit apps you’re currently running, simply click the Apple logo on your screen, click “About This Mac,” “System Report,” “Software,” and then “Applications.” From the list of installed apps, you should see a column titled “64-bit(Intel)” - any apps marked “No” won’t run.

To see the full list of unsupported apps, click here. If you’re not sure whether or not to upgrade to 10.15, or need assistance in updating and/or finding alternatives to 32-bit applications, contact Nodal today!