MacPros Using Avid Failing Due to Chrome Update

Filmmakers and editors experienced a widespread panic as Mac Pros running Avid failed en masse earlier this week. 

Several users of the “trashcan” models of Mac Pro with older versions of MacOS and AVID Media Composer software reported that their computers were failing to reboot as early as Monday, 9/22. The issue caused delays at multiple film studios where large numbers of users relied upon the hardware / software combination. 

The bug was found to be caused by an update to Google’s Chrome web browsers that corrupted the file systems for Mac Pros with Apple’s System Integrity Protection disabled, much to the apparent relief of Avid.

“Today, Avid is confirming that the root cause for a reboot issue encountered by some of our customers has been identified and is unrelated to Avid and its creative tools,” said the company in an official statement. 

The exact connection between the Google Chrome update and Avid software is still unknown, but Google has recommended that at-risk and affected users uninstall the Chrome update. 

For more information on the issue, click here. If you have any concerns or questions about whether your business is affected, please contact us at Nodal!